13 August 2007

Kalamos experiences, August 2007

We have been very blessed with our dolphin sightings, wonderful weather and a brilliant mixture of nationalities: Italian, Dutch, American and one Australian – me ☺

I’ve learnt so much about all aspects of the Mediterranean Sea life and will take my experiences and adventures home with me or use them again next time I volunteer in a different project.

Every day has been absolutely magical and has been filled with heaps of laughter, happiness and joy. So to you out there, if you’re deciding whether to do this or not, don’t hesitate a moment longer! Come join the Tethys team and enhance your spirit, courage and independence, you’ll never regret it for a second. Thank you friends for making this a blissful and memorable experience. With Love.

Kylie, Australia


The week that I have spent here in Episkopi with the Tethys research team has been fantastic! In addition to all the amazing dolphin sightings, photo opportunities, and photo cropping sessions, we have had invaluable lectures and time to get to know each other.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have come here and have such a great experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to come again, and will recommend this project to all my science teacher colleagues!

I am so excited to get back home to Houston, Texas and start planning how I will use this experience and everything I learned to help fellow science teachers and students! THANKS for all the hard work and dedication that I know it takes to continue with this important research, and for being so willing to host volunteers and so accommodating to those of us who want to share it with you!

Dorcie, USA

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