27 September 2008

Origami whale

If you want to say “stop” to whaling carried out by the Japanese fleet, go to the dedicated Greenpeace web site. You can send a message to the Japanese Prime Minister to ask him to stop 'scientific' whaling and the cetacean meat trade... and express your creativity.

You can make your own ‘origami whale’: choose the paper you prefer, add details and a voice to your animal, write a message on top and let it swim in the ocean. From the coasts of Australia - a major whaling antagonist - to the waters of Japan, your whale will travel to bring your important message. After some days you can even check where your animal is on the map.

Don’t forget to send invitations to your friends asking them to embrace the cause, as nearly 50,000 people have done so far.

Francesca Zardin

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