26 June 2010

Ionian Dolphins 5 (20-26 June)

Though this trip started as a simple school project, it quickly became something so much more! It is absolutely incredible to see the hard work, dedication and passion that has gone into the research and conservation of these incredible animals. Unfortunately, animals cannot speak up and fight for their rights themselves, so it is our job as human beings to make sure that we appreciate their brillance and simplicity, as well as protect them for future generations to be able to enjoy.

I have learned so much the three weeks I have been here. This has definitely been a life changing event for me. I believe that it is important for all people to make their mark on the world and always strive to make it a little bit better. Thank you Silvia and Giovanni for all your long hours and dedication that has gone into this project and so many others previously. Panni, I wish the best of luck with all your future endeavours and hope you continue to strive towards all your goals. Your commitment and dedication will surely payoff in the end! Thanks for some of the best three weeks of my life. It will be ones that I will never forget!

Rachel, USA


Thank you Silvia and Giovanni for a great week in Galaxidi. It have been exciting to follow you, and see how you are working. We have learned a lot about the conditions in Greece and the rest of the world. Its sad to see how the species and ecosystems are being threatened by the humans depleting the resources. We will do our best to spread the message about how important it is to take care of our enviroment further. We think the trip was fun and interessting. Even if we did not see any dolphins it was fun to be with you on the boat and see the gulf of Corinth. We would also like to praise Panni for her engangement for Tethys. She is doing a great job! We had a really nice week with a lot of good dinners and chatting with Rachel and the rest of the group. We wish you all good luck with the good job you are doing!

Cornelia and Katrine, Norway

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