10 June 2008

Kalamos, 1-7 June 2008

If I were a good writer I would type some original, unique and fabulous lines that would impress whoever open this guestbook but, anyway, they would express exactly the same: thanks a lot for a magic week!

I should also write something a bit more “serious”, so here I go: I have participated as a volunteer in the IDP at Kalamos in the 1st week of June 2008. This field trip has been funded by the University of Ulster at Coleraine where I am doing a MRes project about cetacean habitat modelling. In this way, to be here during this week has been very instructive and helpful to better understand how cetacean data must be collected and stored.

Furthermore, this experience would not be the same without Marina, Marcel and Shiva who have kept Olivier and me alive on the boat. Honestly, congratulations guys because you are great and you are doing a fantastic job! (Although, I do not completely agree with your pasta diet :-P).
All the best.

Minia, Spain


This is my second time here in the Kalamos base, and I am still fascinated by the amazing atmosphere of this place. There is always a surprise around the corner: on the sea we saw Fiocco, the first common dolphin of the season (see post) and a couple of days later 3 young bottlenose dolphins swimming under the boat. It was fun to meet Marina again.

I thank Marcel and Adonis for teaching me a couple of useful Greek words to survive in a tavern. I thank Minia and Shiva for sharing their enthusiasm. If only I had tons of vacation days this summer, I would have spent some in Kalamos for sure.

I wish a long life to the IDP.

Olivier, France

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