05 June 2008

Kalamos: third day of the season

June 4th, 2008: the third day of the 2008 season brought us the hot sun, the beautiful Ionian Islands and the ever changing wind.

Starting off east past Mytikas and Kalamos village, everyone kept their eyes peeled on the seemingly endless water for something to make its entrance into our world. We all hoped to see 'Fiocco' again, the common dolphin that gave a timid hello to us back on the first day (see post).

We followed along the waypoints of transect B until we saw something breach the water to our north. Leaving the transect we jetted to the potential area. Searching all around for another jump, we sadly did not spot an action again. Returning to the original transect we continued towards several fish farms along the Echinades coast.

Fish farms attract other fish around their premises when they are fed and increments of food sink outside the nets. Dolphins have learned that fish are often found around the farms and thus will often visit them. Unfortunately during this instant no dolphins were found around the fish farms, and thus we moved towards the neighbouring islands for protection from the deteriorating state of the sea. Taking a short break off a rocky coast, which included a chilly swim and some boat maintenance, we soon found the wind to change direction again.

Deciding that the sea state was not convenient for finishing the B-transect, we made our way through the Kalamos and Kastos channel. Passing Kalamos village, there was another jumping event to the west of the boat; but, once again it turned out to be a single instance. Before returning to Episkopi, we took a look at the Mytikas fish farms but they did not provide us with any dolphin sightings either.

We are looking forward to better weather and hopefully more common dolphin visits!

Shiva Javdan

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