19 April 2009

Delphi's Dolphins 02, 12-18 April

I’m not going to talk about the dolphins because everybody knows that all the words that you can spend on them woudn’t be enough to describe the feelings that they inspire and their beauty. So let me write just a few words about this amazing place... If a paradise would exist, it would be probably called Galaxidi, the place where you can see the whitest mountain melting softly into the sea, the clearest waters caressing the myth’s coast and the birds sing to colourful rainbows. The beauty of this place enters in your heart and just anchors in the deepest part of your soul to remain there forever... there’s only a way to describe what I feel: I don't want to go home! And of course all of you guys are amazing... but this is another obvious thing. Thank you so much for everything! I really hope to have the chance to come back again...

Ramona, Italy


Silvia, Giovanni, Joan and Aina, you are some kind of 'Heroes of the Gulf of Corinth'! The stories you tell are outstanding and very worth listening to. I enjoyed every moment I spent with you, even when I was freezing to death in the boat! Thank you very much for providing inspriration!

Dagmar, Germany

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